By Popular Demand: More Gift Card Options!

Remember when we had to get rid of Google Play gift cards as a redemption option because we were literally swimming around in them? Well, we are happy to announce that we’re bringing them back (but in the US only)! Just update to the latest version and you’ll find the return of Google Play.

Tango - Google Play

But that’s not all! We have Amazon, Bitcoin and Steam for some countries also!

We understand it’s frustrating to only have limited options available in certain countries, but we need to find the right partners that offer gift cards electronically. In some places, they’re harder to find than others, and in some, they don’t even exist! But please stay patient, we are always listening to you, our beloved users, and promise to make it happen as they become available. It’s frustrating to us too because we can’t give you what you want!

Hope you enjoy the options and thanks for making Slidejoy the best lockscreen!