Slidejoy Offer Wall

At Slidejoy, we’re always listening to you, our users, to see how we can improve your experience. Over the course of Slidejoy’s life, we’ve received many requests for an offer wall/additional ways to get Carats and we’ve finally followed through! If you download our latest version, you will find an offer wall brought to you by our partner, TrialPay. Just open up the Offers tab in Slidejoy to check it out.

Note: You must have at least 100 Carats before you’re able to get access to the Offer Wall.

Offer Wall

Once you click on TrialPay, then you will see a list of offers and the number of Carats you will receive for completing each offer.

More info

Please note that Slidejoy does not manage the offer wall, so your activity can be tracked by clicking the question mark on the top right. It usually takes some time for their system to update so make sure you’re patient.


The Slidejoy Carats you acquire through TrialPay will be updated in your Slidejoy balance the next day (as it always is).

We hope you enjoy our new feature and don’t forget to share Slidejoy with your friends! It’s the best way to increase your rewards from the lockscreen ;)

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