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1) When your friend sends you an invite, you will receive a message like below. Click on the link, and it will direct you to Slidejoy webpage to create an account.

2) Select your Slidejoy mode and sign up method.

3) Fill out your information and press Sign Up to create your Slidejoy account. For Facebook, just connect to your Facebook account.

4) Visit Google Play Store and download Slidejoy app.

5) Launch your Slidejoy app and sign in with the account you’ve just created at Slidejoy webpage.

6) CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve successfully received your friend’s invite. Now, start receiving carats for unlocking your phone!



You can get free carats by inviting friends to sign up for Slidejoy. Please visit OFFERS in the app menu and tap “Share the joy” to share your invite code via text, email or social media, etc.

Referral promotion is only available in Australia, Canada, England, Singapore and the United States. Invite codes sent before the promotion are not effective.

Scratch for $1,000!

Just when you thought it was impossible to be more of a winner, Slidejoy comes out with something to make it happen. Come over to Slidejoy’s Offers tab and you’ll find Scratch Offers waiting for you! Each scratch ticket has different prizes, so make sure to try all of them!


How it Works
After watching a short video, a scratch ticket will appear. All you need to do is to just scratch away to reveal what you’ve won! If you’re lucky, you will find 3 pictures of the same shape and BAM! You’ll be more of a winner (you’re already a winner in our book).


Even if you don’t win $1,000, don’t worry, you’ll have more opportunities next time. Also, you’ll at least get 1 carat for your hard work (scratching your phone can get difficult). Just scratch on the right to reveal your prize!


Finished all Scratch Offers? No worries, just wait 6 hours for the next batch of Scratch Offers to regenerate. If you’re having too much fun, you can use your carats to try out your luck immediately. Why not give it a go?



By Popular Demand: More Gift Card Options!

Remember when we had to get rid of Google Play gift cards as a redemption option because we were literally swimming around in them? Well, we are happy to announce that we’re bringing them back (but in the US only)! Just update to the latest version and you’ll find the return of Google Play.

Tango - Google Play

But that’s not all! We have Amazon, Bitcoin and Steam for some countries also!

We understand it’s frustrating to only have limited options available in certain countries, but we need to find the right partners that offer gift cards electronically. In some places, they’re harder to find than others, and in some, they don’t even exist! But please stay patient, we are always listening to you, our beloved users, and promise to make it happen as they become available. It’s frustrating to us too because we can’t give you what you want!

Hope you enjoy the options and thanks for making Slidejoy the best lockscreen!

Slidejoy Offer Wall

At Slidejoy, we’re always listening to you, our users, to see how we can improve your experience. Over the course of Slidejoy’s life, we’ve received many requests for an offer wall/additional ways to get Carats and we’ve finally followed through! If you download our latest version, you will find an offer wall brought to you by our partner, TrialPay. Just open up the Offers tab in Slidejoy to check it out.

Note: You must have at least 100 Carats before you’re able to get access to the Offer Wall.

Offer Wall

Once you click on TrialPay, then you will see a list of offers and the number of Carats you will receive for completing each offer.

More info

Please note that Slidejoy does not manage the offer wall, so your activity can be tracked by clicking the question mark on the top right. It usually takes some time for their system to update so make sure you’re patient.


The Slidejoy Carats you acquire through TrialPay will be updated in your Slidejoy balance the next day (as it always is).

We hope you enjoy our new feature and don’t forget to share Slidejoy with your friends! It’s the best way to increase your rewards from the lockscreen ;)

What Happened to Square Cash?

As some of you noticed, we recently took away the option to redeem your Carats for Square Cash. We’ve provided an explanation as to why below. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s something we had to do. Hope you understand!


Why did you remove the Square Cash option?
We initially introduced the Square Cash option for users to easily redeem their Carats directly into their bank accounts because it was a simple and free way to receive cash. However, processing Square Cash transactions (unlike other redemption methods) has been a labor intensive process. We’re talking about writing/sending an email and verifying each transaction (not to mention multiple blockages from too many transactions in a short period of time)! In our early days, this was ok, but since we’ve grown, the processing time has become too much for our small team to handle. Besides, we’re guessing that you’d prefer we spend the time improving the app than on just one redemption option.

This has caused a lot of confusion and frustration among our users who had to wait for a long time for their Square Cash transactions to clear. To prevent this from happening in the future, we decided to remove the Square Cash option for now.

What will happen to my existing Square Cash transactions?
We have already canceled and refunded all pending Square Cash transactions.

Will Square Cash be gone forever?
It depends. We are able to process other redemption options (Paypal and gift cards) programmatically, which is why they take much less processing time. As soon as Square Cash provides us with an automated method to process transactions, we will add it back to our list of reward options. We’ve talked to Square and they don’t have anything at the moment.

What alternatives do I have?
For cash, you can always use Paypal. For gift cards, you can redeem Carats for a wide selection of retailers and brands we provide. As an extra incentive for users to use gift cards, we will be starting a Carat Rebate program starting early next month. From then on, you will be receiving a certain percentage of the gift card amount in Carats as a rebate to your Slidejoy balance. Keep an eye out for the announcement later this month!

Our vision is to make the reward redemption experience as enjoyable and painless as possible. As an example, check out our most recent update, which includes a more detailed view of all your current and past transactions. We hope you understand the changes we had to make, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding these changes, please send us an email ( We are happy to chat with you!

How Slidejoy Seeded a Community Garden

As you know, we recently launched Slidejoy Carats to provide you more reward options to redeem. But cash or gift cards don’t mean anything by themselves, it’s what you do with it and who you spend it on that matters. That’s why we wanted to share the story of how one Slidejoy user spent her Carats to save the world.

Disclaimer: No puns were harmed in the writing of this post.

A young Miss Beasley: Lettuce tell you a story

Last winter, Michaelle Beasley, a Slidejoy user and her landlord, Geoffrey Cope, were talking about ways to save the environment (as all heroes do) and make use of an unused plot of land around their apartment building. They came up with the genius idea to start a community garden and grow various fruits and vegetables in the Spring. Michaelle, being the generous soul that she is, redeemed $40 of Slidejoy Carats to Paypal and donated it to “seed” the community garden.

Turnip the volume, Sun!

Fast forward to this summer, and not only is she growing 15 different kinds of fruits and veggies (including delicious tomatoes, melons, squash, eggplant, etc.), but she is also using old refrigerators to incubate the garden (upcycling is her term). She gutted the old fridges and disposed of the harmful fluids safely before using them of course. We’re not agricultural rocket scientists, but that sounds downright brilliant!

These amazing plants can grow in fridge(id) temperatures

This year is a test run for the garden to see if it would work, but next year, the plan is to go full throttle and grow enough to sell the fruits (and veggies) of their labor. We’re so honored that we can help a supermom, environmentalist, community organizer and world changer like Michaelle.

Slidejoy users are all one in a melon

We hope that Michaelle and Geoffrey’s example inspires you to use your Carats for your own great causes. Are you changing the world with your Carats? Let us know! We’d love to share your story!

New Look!

We here at Slidejoy believe that the way you look doesn’t define you as a person. But we’re an app, so all that goes out the window. That’s why we’ve redesigned our icon. Once you download the latest version of Slidejoy, you will see our fresh new icon right on your home screen!


Why is it a diamond?
Well, we give you Carats when you use Slidejoy, so it only makes sense to be something related to our digital currency.

Oh, I get it. A diamond is forever and you’re trying to say Slidejoy is always going to be with me forever too. Amirite?


Redemption Period: 2 WEEKS!

In our constant quest to keep you happy, we’re ridiculously excited to announce that we’ve now decreased the redemption period from 3 months to 2 weeks!


You no longer have to wait 3 long months to redeem your rewards. Carats you get for this month will be immediately redeemable on the first of next month. In a nutshell, the Carats you get in July will be redeemable on August 1. How sweet is that?!

But, Slidejoy, we’re already really happy with the awesome app you’ve created. Why did you feel the need to decrease the redemption period from 3 months to 2 weeks?!
Awww, that’s really sweet! But we’re of the opinion that you can’t be TOO happy with us so we just decided to up the happy factor.

I love Slidejoy the way it is. Will this change affect any other aspect of the Slidejoy experience?
Nope! We just made this change to make the experience even better for you!

Last question, do you think it’s a little weird that you essentially have conversations with yourself (with effusive praise and gaudy self-promotion no less) on your company blog?
As long as you’re staying informed about our product (and maybe getting a chuckle here and there), then we’re ok with being a little weird.

Happy weekend from the Slidejoy Team!