New Look!

We here at Slidejoy believe that the way you look doesn’t define you as a person. But we’re an app, so all that goes out the window. That’s why we’ve redesigned our icon. Once you download the latest version of Slidejoy, you will see our fresh new icon right on your home screen!


Why is it a diamond?
Well, we give you Carats when you use Slidejoy, so it only makes sense to be something related to our digital currency.

Oh, I get it. A diamond is forever and you’re trying to say Slidejoy is always going to be with me forever too. Amirite?


Redemption Period: 2 WEEKS!

In our constant quest to keep you happy, we’re ridiculously excited to announce that we’ve now decreased the redemption period from 3 months to 2 weeks!


You no longer have to wait 3 long months to redeem your rewards. Carats you get for this month will be immediately redeemable on the first of next month. In a nutshell, the Carats you get in July will be redeemable on August 1. How sweet is that?!

But, Slidejoy, we’re already really happy with the awesome app you’ve created. Why did you feel the need to decrease the redemption period from 3 months to 2 weeks?!
Awww, that’s really sweet! But we’re of the opinion that you can’t be TOO happy with us so we just decided to up the happy factor.

I love Slidejoy the way it is. Will this change affect any other aspect of the Slidejoy experience?
Nope! We just made this change to make the experience even better for you!

Last question, do you think it’s a little weird that you essentially have conversations with yourself (with effusive praise and gaudy self-promotion no less) on your company blog?
As long as you’re staying informed about our product (and maybe getting a chuckle here and there), then we’re ok with being a little weird.

Happy weekend from the Slidejoy Team!

Introducing Slidejoy Home

Slidejoy’s mission is to make advertising interesting through efficient products, sleek design and superior value for consumers. That is why we are proud to announce our latest feature: Slidejoy Home.

What is Slidejoy Home?
Slidejoy Home streamlines the process of accessing your phone by combining two major reasons you check your phone in the first place – Notifications and Favorite Apps. We’ve retained the same functionality that you love about Slidejoy, but you can now slide DOWN to display your notifications as well as shortcuts for up to 15 of your favorite apps.


How it Works
1-Slide DOWN from the first Slidejoy screen when you turn on your phone

2a-Tap any Notifications you’d like to check

2b-Tap any app in your Favorite Apps section to open it. By using the two icons to the right of the “App Favorites” text, you can personalize up to 15 apps and arrange them in your desired order

3-Smile because you can access your phone much more quickly WHILE being rewarded

Note: You can still slide RIGHT, LEFT and UP as usual

Will this affect my rewards?
Nope, this is just a more convenient way to use your phone, courtesy of your beloved Slidejoy Team :)

We are constantly working on new ways of improving Slidejoy for users like you so we hope you enjoy Slidejoy Home. If you have suggestions for any other features, feel free to send us a message on our Facebook Page (and don’t forget to Like us!).

If you’ve been missing out on the party completely, then download Slidejoy HERE!