What Happened to Google Play Gift Cards on Slidejoy?!

As many of you have noticed, we recently discontinued offering Google Play Gift Cards as a redemption option. We’re really sorry that it upset some of you, and we’d like to offer an explanation as to why we made this decision.

Why We Offered Google Play Gift Cards in the First Place
We initially offered Google Play cards as a redemption option so that users without a Paypal or Square Cash account would have an opportunity to redeem their rewards without paying a transaction fee. Although we had good intentions, the process of providing Google Play cards to you, our users, became a very laborious and time-consuming process.

Our CEO literally swimming in a sea of Google Play Gift Cards

The Problem
In order to bring you Google Play Gift Cards, our small team of five has had to visit dozens of physical stores (Walgreens, CVS, Gamestop, etc.), scratch every single card, manually enter each 20 digit code and send out each code to users. We have contacted Google directly multiple times to find a way to automate this process, but we haven’t found a way to do so without our users incurring any transaction fees.

As our user base continued to grow, this process started to consume so much of our time that we were unable to focus on improving our app. The problem is that without improving our app, we will not be able to attract more advertisers, and without attracting more advertisers, we will not be able to increase the rewards we provide.

The Peace Offering
So here’s what we are going to do for the next month (July 4th). We will let users redeem Google Play cards until July 4th 2015 11:59 PM EST. All users should be able to see Google Play card redemption options in the “Exchange” tab within our app. On July 5th 2015, we will remove all Google Play card options, so please make sure you redeem your Carats by then.

Please note that this offer is only available for the next month and in the future, we ask that you use the existing redemption offers (that now include 12 new gift card options like Amazon, Xbox Live, AMC, Target, Papa Johns, Sephora, etc.).

What We Promise For the Future
We are very sad to remove the Google Play card redemption option, and we apologize for this change. However, we will continue to monitor changes in Google play card policies, and once they offer electronic versions of their cards, we will definitely add them to our redemption options going forward.

Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience and we hope you understand why we had to make this change. Thank you for being a Slidejoy user. You’re awesome!

Team Slidejoy